Try to not step on the toes of my giant figures! They look confident and grounded with their big feet but don’t judge the covers. Like everybody, my protégés are vulnerable too...

These Queerleaders that I draw are ready to stand up for themselves. Where necessary they are supporting and empowering eachother. With their colourful and round bodies they express that it’s okay to not shave if you don’t want too and that you can love whoever you want to love! They tell you to be proud, not in a little voice but in bold type.

While the ink flows from my pen, my house drives down the road. In my fully painted camper van I get inspired by the big Algarvian agave trees, sunny shores and pleasurable people that I meet.

From my home office on wheels I make editorial illustrations (deMorgen, OneWorld, VICE). With my tablet on my lap and palm trees in the back, I design labels and covers (van de Streek-beer, Daggar Coffee, Uitgeverij Chaos). If a boring, white camper van parks next to me, it’s probably not safe and will be mysteriously be spray painted in bright colours the next day. Read more about my van life below! 

In the colourful pride palet, my illustrations look like big ice-creams that you would always tell yourself you should not eat. My illustrations reflect an image to show you that you are just as beautiful with this extra pound! Be careful not to lick them though, the hairs on their legs could get in between your teeth…

My paper is their safe space, they won’t stay inside box or hidden in the closet. I press my pencil on political, social and environmetal problems. I want to inform and to celebrate. A small finger in the air but followed by a sommersault!

My fingers already start to tingle and my creative brain activated by the idea of you commissioning me, so don’t hesitate to contact me!

Illustration for One World Magazine about asexuality

Working on wheels

 A blog about my van life

The constant buzz of the city and their overconsuming citizens drove me out of the city and down the road heading south. When I saw my van on an online marketplace I fell in love directly. The cute, roundy block on wheels with a big table to work on and a queen size top bed that I don’t need to unfold every night, seemed like the perfect place to live in (and it sure proofed it is!).

We go to thick and thin together. In one of my first weeks traveling, when I just made it to Portugal, l was redirected by google maps to take a “faster route” and ended up in the mountains. Both me and my van are gals from the North so we’re used to flat surfaces...

Two diesel injectors broke and we barely made it to the top... I often refer myself as a snail living in her snail shell, but I’m not over reacting if I would say that a snail would have overtake me and I was sweating like hell…

“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” ~ Anais Nin

Another time I had to be towed out from a ditch on a super steep road. If it weren’t for a trunk of an eucalyptus tree I would have rolled all the way.. Ahh, let’s not think about that! Exept for some small repairs my baby is keeping it tight! 

I’m sure my van is dancing happily on his springs when my partner is coming over.. but a bit of privacy is a small price to pay for this beautiful life on the road.

Hopefully we keep rolling together a little longer!


Photography by @lienwevers